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Dr. William F. Pounds: Investing for the Future

By Catherine Davidson

bill poundsBill Pounds has had a remarkable career as a leading management educator, a financial advisor, and business leader, and he attributes his success in no small part to the remarkable learning environment he experienced as a graduate student at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration (now the Tepper School of Business).

Now, through his CMU charitable gift annuity, Bill hopes to sustain Tepper’s innovative approach to preparing future business leaders, while receiving lifetime income from his gift.

Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree from Carnegie Tech in chemical engineering in 1950, Bill worked for Kodak and then served in the Korean War. As his GI Bill eligibility was about to expire, he submitted a last minute application to the graduate business program at CMU.

“Little did I know that this school was breaking new ground in management research and education, and what happened there at that time has been enormously influential on business education ever since.” Once he finished his PhD in 1964, Bill joined the faculty at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and later served as its dean. He was a senior investment advisor to the Rockefeller family for several years and a director of several Fortune 500 companies.

He has also stayed actively involved with CMU by serving on the Board of Business Advisors at the Tepper School.

Bill and his wife, Helen, a Chatham College alumna, have two children, Julia and Thomas. They live in Cambridge, MA.

“Helen and I had already given Carnegie some scholarship funds,” Bill said. “But I knew that was only a small piece of what Carnegie gave me. A planned gift seemed to me a good way to provide the university with resources for future generations.”

As an investment professional, Bill well understands the multiple benefits of a charitable gift annuity that pays annual income to Bill and Helen during their lifetimes, part of it tax-free, as well as providing an up-front income tax deduction. The annuity will then support the Tepper School following their passing.

“This is a way to show my commitment to Carnegie Mellon while allowing me the use of the interest on the fund during my lifetime. I see it as a way of communicating my devotion to the university, with only a modest cost to us at the moment, and in a way that will have long term positive impact on the school and its students.”