Donor Stories

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:

Audrey Fitzgerald

A Meaningful Impact

Over the past 30 years, Audrey Fitzgerald (E 1985) has always quite literally answered the call to support the next chapter of the Carnegie Mellon University story.

Verna and Claude Gibble

A Worthwhile Investment

A lifetime of savvy financial decisions has positioned Claude (E 1956) and Verna Gibble to share their hard-earned savings with the next generation of CMU students.

Tom McConomy Donor at [charity_name]

The Qualified Charitable Distribution: Approved for you to use - permanently

The qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from your IRA is permanent, easy to use, and ideal for giving that helps reduce your tax burden.

Ruth Furman Miller (MM 1942) and David Miller (CIT 1942) Donors at [charity_name]

Inclined to the Common Good

Public spirited, community minded, dedicated to the common good: These phrases describe the lives of Ruth Furman Miller and David H. Miller.

Dr. William F. Pounds Donor at [charity_name]

Dr. William F. Pounds: Investing for the Future

Bill Pounds has had a remarkable career as a leading management educator, a financial advisor, and business leader, and he attributes his success in no small part to the remarkable learning environment he experienced as a graduate student at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration (now the Tepper School of Business).

John Tao and his wife, Rose

Best-Laid Plans

John Tao (E 1970, 1974) knows good advice when he hears it. And more importantly, he takes it to heart.

Thomas Moore

Do Well by Doing Good

During his long career, Tom Moore has assisted many people to make better investments that helped them have happy retirements.

Tyrone and Janet

The Sound of Generosity

Tyrone and Janet Greive may have only spent three semesters in Pittsburgh while Tyrone earned a master’s degree in music at Carnegie Mellon University, but that time was the foundation of their successes.