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What makes Carnegie Mellon truly unique?

Alumnus and Life Trustee Ed Frank puts it this way: “Nowhere is collaboration more energized, nowhere does a gift work harder, and nowhere is the work more focused on the world’s toughest problems.”

Carnegie Mellon is a vital, engaged, high-impact institution that discovers as it teaches and learns by doing. Our people build ideas into realities, experimenting, championing, venturing. Everything we do is guided by a belief in evidence-based action that goes beyond artificial barriers.

Today, we create robots, driverless cars, video art, nanotechnology; we use biochemistry to fight pollution, conserve energy with smart grids and buildings, enlist computational biology in the war against disease, and explore the basic secrets of how people think and learn.

Tomorrow, we will take on even more pressing social, cultural and scientific issues, and tomorrow is why your planned gift to Carnegie Mellon is so important. Planning a gift to the university today will make you a integral part of the advancement of knowledge, the training of intelligent leadership and the enrichment of society – potentially forever.