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The Warner Circle, commemorating a legendary president of Carnegie Mellon, was created to recognize and thank those whose foresight and planning will benefit future generations of students, researchers and scholars. Our members are alumni, faculty and staff, and friends around the world who have made a commitment to CMU through a bequest, retirement plan, life insurance policy, life-income arrangement or other legacy gifts.

If you have ever said, “I wish I could do more for Carnegie Mellon,” a legacy gift may be the key to fulfilling your wish. It allows you the flexibility to provide for your own needs while you ensure that CMU will remain strong.
Our members set an example for others to follow, providing leadership for a vital enterprise: to grow a permanent resource for this great university. If you have already named Carnegie Mellon in your estate plan, thank you and please let us know. We want to be sure you are recognized with membership in The Warner Circle and that you receive any planning assistance you may need.